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Cellar Builder

CellarBuilder is for people interested in creating or adding product to a personal wine cellar.

  • Save money
  • Build your wine cellar
  • Expand your experience
  • Enjoy a truly unique collection

The Wine Cellar often purchases small quantities of unique fine wines and one-time offerings. These products are not placed on our shelves, but rather sold direct to CellarBuilder members at discounted prices.


Membership is limited by the restricted availability of these wine selections. Each member receives one case of wine six (6) times a year :

Full Members receive 12 bottles (6 bottles x 2 products) every two months.
Half Members receive 6 bottles (3 bottles x 2 products) every two months.

Each case is specially packaged and includes detailed wine profiles. The average per-bottle-price is approximately $45.

Because these exceptional wines are selected well in advance, we ask you commit to at least one full year (six releases) of membership - which can be terminated at any time without obligation.

Member Benefits

  • Regular new-release products
  • Access to non-public selections
  • High quality wines at discounted prices
  • Profiles to enhance your knowledge and experience

Please contact us to enquire about member openings, thank you.

780.488.WINE (9463)