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About The Wine Cellar

Opening its doors in 1985, The Wine Cellar enjoys the unique distinction of being Canada's first-ever independent wine store. Today, with a large contingent of both retail and restaurant customers, we're a leading merchant of premium wines in Alberta. Our current catalogue lists over a thousand products from France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Canada and California.

Looking Back

In 1993 the Government of Alberta privatized the liquor industry and disbanded their own chain of over 200 government run liquor stores. Since then, over 800 independents have opened for business, each required to purchase their products through a regulated consignment system.

Unique Status

The Wine Cellar, however, was allowed to continue direct-sourcing from international producers, thus by-passing the local consignment process. This unique status, enjoyed by only three Alberta based operators, frees us from having to accommodate heavy commissions and the assurance of inventories.

Cost Savings

Because we sell wine, and only wine, our market environment is different from the vast majority of other Alberta liquor stores. We issue our own purchase orders, arrange transportation and help manage customs clearances. We also own the only privately held temperature-controlled wine warehouse in the province.Shipments are prompt, our suppliers are happy, and their products require no labeling modifications - all of which results in the tremendous cost savings reflected in our prices.

The Result

With our unique status, dedicated market and devoted staff, we offer an enviable package of low prices, large selection and decades of experience. You'll enjoy one of the most memorable wine buying opportunities available anywhere. If you like wine, you'll love The Wine Cellar. Discover us today.